Log Viewer, Bare Tail– Views Log Files in Real Time

November 3, 2008 Comments Off

Introducing Bare Tail Log Viewer. What does it to?

BareTail is a portable application that enables users to view log files in real time. It allows you to monitor the contents of a log file as they are being written.

View Features:

  • Optimised real-time viewing engine
  • View files of any size (> 2GB)
  • Scroll to any point in the whole file instantly
  • View files over a network
  • Configurable line wrapping
  • Configurable TAB expansion
  • Configurable font, including spacing and offset to maximise use of screen space

Basically, the gist is this: You configure BareTail to watch a particular logfile as a process is running (and hopefully writing to the logfile), so you can monitor logging in real-time. Additionally, you can set up colored filter parameters so things like ‘Error’ or ‘Warning’ (or whatever else you specify) will stand out and be highlightedto make log parsing easier on your eyes.

Finally, you can enable the ‘Follow tail’ option, which automatically scrolls the viewer to the end so as to follow the logfile as entries appear.

And like the SysInternals’ tools this is a single-executable utility, which makes it is a perfect addition to your system tools USB drive.

More Features: Click Here

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