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“Win32/Conficker.A”-Internet Worm Attacks Windows.

These days the worm named “Win32/Conficker.A” is exploiting a security hole as Microsoft released its new patch recently. This malware mostly spreads within corporations but also was reported by several hundred home users.

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New Update for New MacBooks–QuickTime from Apple

This new update from Apple will allow users standard-definition movies obtained from apple to play on those older projectors.

User were annoyed with new MacBooks because they discovered that the Mini DisplayPort on those systems uses a copy-protection technology called HDCP which prevents those owners from playing HD movies purchased from the iTunes store on external projectors.

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Yahoo First in Japan.

In the latest release of ranking of the top search properties in Japan by ComScore, Yahoo has topped the list while google is closing in.

“The search market in Japan is dominated by Yahoo and Google, which combine for more than 90 percent of the market,” Maru Sato, managing director of ComScore Japan said in a statement.

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Malware Detection Launch by Microsoft.

Microsoft has gone ahead and updated its Live Search Webmaster Center with ability to detect malware along with the Launch of a simplified authentication process that makes accessing the company’s Webmaster tools much easier.

Malware can be detected on publisher’s site and also in any outbound links contained on that site.

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Sling.com With lots of video Content.

Sling.com with its new private beta version with full TV episodes, clips, full-length movies and professionally produced Web videos to a single destination.

The contents will be provided by NBC-Fox partnership Hulu, along with CBS (parent company of CBS Interactive, CNET’s publisher), PBS, BBC America, and Web video sites like College Humor and Break.com.

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Official:Mac Version of uTorrent released

Before BitTorrent was only available for Windows PC users, but now after 2 years of initializing process for Mac Version, it has finally come out.

The Mac release only runs on Leopard/Intel Macs at the moment, and is still in Beta.

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uTorrent Release, Download Here.


Fedora 10 has been Released by Fedora Project

Now Fedora 10 has been released. Fedora projects latest version of the free Linux-based operating system features new improvements on virtualization management, networking, boot time and security.

The release also bundles in OpenOffice 3.0, the most recent edition of the open-source productivity suite.

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Try Windows 7 features, Toggle around.

Here is good update from Lifehacker who has posted how to use the existing built-in features in Windows 7 as you all wait for new features to be updated.

Few of them mentioned are:
Pin Items to Your Taskbar
Snap Your Windows to Size
Try Out Aero Shake
Tame User Account Control
Customize Your System Tray
Speed Up Your Startup
Upgrade Calculator and Paint
Get PowerShell
Get the Windows 7 Theme
Have More Control over Wi-Fi Networks

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