Mozilla Firefox Version 3.0.6 Update fixes Critical bugs

February 4, 2009 Comments Off

New update has been made by Mozilla on Firefox. The update fixes many security and stability issues in the web browser.

Firefox version 3.0.6 fixes 6 bugs. And one of the most important bugs fixed was a JavaScript issue affecting the browser’s layout engine that developers labeled as critical. The bug which affects Mozilla’s Thunderbird e-mail client and SeaMonkey Internet Suite, can give access to an attacker to run unauthorized code on exploited machines, according to a report from Mozilla.

Scripted commands such as those included with Adblock Plus, work with plug-ins has been improved based on the update, also fixing many update issues.

It looks like Mozilla Firefox is going a step further by improving its dominance in the market by climbing over 3 percentage points to 21.53 percent, where as internet explorer is on a decline of 7 percent.

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