Four New Features In Google Reader

July 17, 2009 Comments Off

Google reader has improved its sharing features. Recently Google annoucned that have added four improvements to give users more sharing control and help users easily find other people’s publicly shared items with Reader.

The four new improvements are new friend following features, private sharing of items, people search, and a “like” feature that tells the world when you like a link.

1. New friend following features:

Google will now allow you to share items with a specific group or with multiple groups. If you choose to do this, only people you add to your sharing groups will be able to see and comment on your shared items. If you use Gmail, you will notice that these are the same groups from your Gmail contacts — so, changes you make to these groups in Reader will change them in Gmail as well.

2. Private sharing of items:

If you want people who visit your Google profile to know what you’re interested in on Reader, add a link to your shared items to your Google profile. Once you check the box marked “Add a link to my Google profile,” anyone using the search feature within Reader will be able to find and follow your shared items.

3. People search:

Use Google’s new people search feature to look for people who have public shared items. You can browse by name, location, or topic, and start following new people — all from inside Reader.

4. “like”:

With a quick click of the mouse (or a swipe of the “L” key — for the keyboard shortcut pros), you can “like” any item in Reader. All “likes” are public, so anyone reading an item you’ve “liked” in Reader can see that you’re a fan. Checking out shared items for people who have “liked” the same items as you is a great way to discover other people with interests similar to your own.

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