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A Monsterous Online Game called Freaky Creatures. Its an fighting MMO where players fight each other with huge and different monsters.

You can customize Monters different parts, powers, even theme songs. In terms of accessories and more stuffs for creature, this online game has too many. You will get two action figures when you buy a starter pack to play the game, also the creatures have over 3.2 billion possible customization combinations and such enticing features as customizable lairs and their own pets.

Along with this game, the official website of this game offers you with animated comic, leaderboards and various mini-games.

To play this game you have to buy the starter pack to play and monthly premium passes that start at $6.99 per month. Also price drops if more months are purchased per pass.

Apart from paying for the online Monster game “Freaky Creatures”, you will just love the game, when you play it.

Features of Freaky Creatures:

  • Must be bought by buying a starter pack.
  • Available on the PC, Mac, and mobile phones.
  • PvP combat with monsters.
  • Has an upcoming expansion known as Freaky Space.
  • Featured trainers are displayed on the site’s front page.
  • Has an animated comic.
  • Customizable monster parts such as tails, wings, and horns.
  • The monster parts allow for over 3.2 billion possible combinations.
  • Each monster part is based on one of the five elements.
  • Monsters also have different powers.
  • Monsters even have theme songs!
  • Turn-based combat.
  • Winners gain parts and powers from the losers without the losers actually losing anything.
  • Monsters have lairs that you can accessorize and use to spend time with your creature.
  • Creatures can have pets.

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