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Interested in Zombie shooter game, then try “Left 4 Dead.” Its an multiplayer and mainly based on teamplay because the zombie keeps storming in. Players who don’t want to protect other team members can simply be booted with a vote.

The Guns are not powerful and ammunition supply is short. Zombie attacking a player is unexpectable. Zombies are not enough to keep the game tense, boss zombies like the freaky Witch ratchet up the intensity even more.

Don’t worry, Replay value is high because you never know where the zombies may strike you.

Features of Left 4 Dead:

  • Free to play online.
  • Made by Valve.
  • Zombie horror theme.
  • Team play is a major focus and is the real storyline of the game.
  • Can be be played offline with robots as teammates.
  • Three game modes: single player, coop, and a versus multiplayer mode.
  • Players can play as zombies in the versus mode.
  • There are four survivor characters: Bill, Zoey, Louis, and Francis.
  • Boss zombies like Tank and Witch.
  • Teammates can be seen through walls.
  • Replay value is high due to the unpredictability of the game each time.
  • Players can be kicked out of the team via voting.
  • You can’t save your progress in the middle of going to the next safe place.
  • Different stats such as the number of kills and least damage taken are tracked.
  • Pistols have unlimited ammo.
  • Players can dual wield pistols.
  • Different achievements like “Brain Salad” are picked up during the game.
  • Free downloadable content is on the way.

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Here is a video Demonstration:

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