Google’s New Chrome Beta Release Has Improved Speed

August 6, 2009 Comments Off

Google Chrome in New Beta. The focus has been given to speed and shows over 30% improvement on both the V8 AND SunSpider benchmarks over our current stable channel release.

New Tab page and Omnibox has also improved. Add features to deck out your browser with colors, patterns and images.

Check Out Below:

Customize the new New Tab page:
You can pin website thumbnails to a particular spot so they don’t disappear even if your browsing habits change. You can hide parts of the page if you don’t want to see them using the layout buttons on the top right of the New Tab page.

Try the latest and greatest Omnibox:
Google has optimized the presentation of the drop-down menu and added little icons to help you distinguish between suggested sites, searches, bookmarks, and sites from your browsing history.

Tweak the chrome of Google Chrome:
Google has built Google Chrome to be speedy, stable and more secure. Now we’re adding a little bit of style by allowing you to add a theme to your browser.

Experience HTML5 capabilities:
Google is  always trying to further push the things you can do in the browser. For example, we’ve started building HTML5 capabilities into this beta release, including video tag functionality and web workers.

Speed, Speed, and more Speed:
Beyond the improvements in JavaScript execution in this latest beta, there are a host of other improvements that should help Google Chrome make the most of your network connection.

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