Online Car Racing Game Redline Rumble

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Redline Rumble is a Online Car Racing game.

When you enter to play the game. You will be asked to choose a car and then choose your opponents car. If you win the race, you can buy or upgrade to another care for next race. And as you continue to win, you can get buy 5 cars and race for yourself in this exciting online car racing game.

Easier said than done.

In this online car racing game there are:

  • Damage Indicator
  • Wrench Pickup (fixes damage)
  • Speedometer (Kmph Guage)
  • %of Race completed
  • CPU opponent
  • Tacometer Revs Guage (Change up just before the red line)


Gear shift Inidcator:
SHIFT UP = UP & Space
STEER= Left/Right Arrow key

iGNitro Guage:
iGNitro = PRESS Space IN 5TH, but only available on iGNitro equipped cars.

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