Mozilla Releases Firefox 3.6 Beta 3 With 90 Fixes

November 18, 2009 Comments Off

Mozilla released their 3rd Beta version of Firefox 3.6 with 90 plus fixes. Although there is nothing much to look into those 90 fixes, there are quite few things you need to notice.

According to Mozillalinks, noteable features are:

  • A new API will now allow add-on developers access Firefox’s geolocation features.
  • As expected,  tab previews on Windows 7 taskbar has been pulled back. This is a real disappointment: there will be no support at all for some of Windows 7’s most welcomed features: jump lists, download progress in the task bar (a la IE8), and now no tab previews.
  • In the security/stability front, the Firefox components directory is now locked down, which means no third party provider will be able to write to Firefox’s components folder.
  • The extensions.checkCompatibility preference becomes less relaxed. In the past, it has been abused by users as a way to force incompatible extensions to work with newer Firefox versions. The preference is still there but it will have to be more explicit. For example to force them to work with Firefox 3.6, you wll have to add extensions.checkCompatibility.3.6 and set it to  false. For future versions you will need to set extensions.checkCompatibility.3.7 to false and so on.

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