Microsoft Security Flaws Keeps on Coming, New Risk Expose 900 Million users

February 1, 2011 Comments Off

It looks like Microsoft never has a solution for all the loopholes and patches they keep fixing every time throughout a year.

Now a new security patch flaw Internet Explorer is expected to put 900 million users at risk. All the Windows versions will be vulnerable to this new risk.

The new flaw can help hackers to inject malicious client-side script into Web pages. Microsoft’s Angela Gunn puts it as “For instance, an attacker could construct an HTML link designed to trigger a malicious script and somehow convince the targeted user to click it. When the user clicked that link, the malicious script would run on the user’s computer for the rest of the current Internet Explorer session.” The script could then be used to gather users’ information or display malicious content.”

Although the Windows operating system giant has promised on working a fix for the issue, how vulnerable are the users to the risk posed from this new flaw. Meanwhile Microsoft has asked the Internet Explorer to download a “Fix-It Package” that blocks any attempts to take advantage of the vulnerability.

Read: Microsoft Security Advisory, Microsoft Blog

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