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8 Must-Have Features of a Great Web Hosting Provider

Finding a great web hosting provider is like finding a needle in a haystack ‒ hard and daunting.

Ever since the world wide web has been so accessible to people, web hosting business came to rise so quickly. Therefore, several options are floating around, waiting for a client to choose them and start the ball rolling. 

If it is your first time working with one, it is essential to do your research and create your checklist that includes features you are looking for a provider. By doing so, narrowing down your options from a variety of choices allows the planning process to be more relaxed. 

Listed below are some essential trademarks you should be looking for from the best website hosting NZ provider to be considered excellent.

1. Guaranteed uptime

The relationship between you and your web host provider should be built around trust. Most of the time, your communication will happen virtually, especially if your website had gone live already.

To have that peace of mind that if ever unexpected issues arise, their ability to provide technical support is priceless. 

More so, ensuring that your website is working most of the time, especially when most site visitors are up and about is also as important. That is referred to as guaranteed uptime. And this is considered to be one of the most important features you should be looking for a reliable web host provider.

2. Site Backup

Imagine going live with your website for a week, and you are already starting to receive positive feedback from your audience. When suddenly, the site crashed without you even knowing the reason why. It was only then you realized you didn’t have any backup files on your own. 

To have a remote backup service is one of the most helpful features a good host should have. And to only have one is not enough. Your host should also ensure they have their own backup service themselves.

Surely, you do not want to put all your hard work to waste by forgetting to back up.

3. Customized Emails

A message coming from a customized email is more likely to be opened and clicked on.

Not only it looks and sounds more professional. It also opens a lot of doors between you and your prospective clients. 

4. Simple Control Panel

Whether you are an experienced website user or you’re just starting up, to have a simple control panel lessens the stress and frustration in managing one.

Make sure to let your web host provider know about your preference such as this. This is to ensure that the package you’d be provided tailor-fits your needs and your capabilities.

5. Amount of bandwidth

Scrolling down on a website that always lags is annoying. Always remember that potential clients or readers are most of the time on the look-out for flaws and not the positives.

Keep in mind that lagging is one of the reasons why people jump from one service to another.

In looking for a web host provider, it is important to know how much bandwidth they can offer your business. Because the less allocation they deliver, the slower the speed your visitors will experience as they drop by.

6. Disk Space

Web host providers do not only provide website start-up service. They also allocate storage on a server that organizes all your content.

Such content includes different types of media uploaded, customer details, emails, and others.

Familiarize yourself with how each package works or the amount of disk space memory they can provide so you’ll know which one to get.

7. 24/7 Tech Support 

To be available on-line means accepting the fact that you are susceptible to a lot of technical issues day in and day out. Therefore, to have someone who is tech-savvy and available 24/7 seals the deal.

When you are efficient in solving problems or issues as they arise, it gives out a notion to the people that you are on top of your business. Thus, pulling more clients towards you.

8. Strong Security

As you allure audience or clients towards you, it is also paramount to build a sense of trust even if the closest you could ever be to them is to be available on the virtual world.

Settling for weak security imposes a lot of risks. One of which ‒ and the worst of them all ‒ is to lose all your customer’s data and your own data in one go. 

A data breach has been an on-going issue since the rise of the world wide web; hence, establishing strong security should never be taken advantage of.

There is a wide variety of available hosting services at the moment. It is understandable that to be bombarded with lots of choices could be overwhelming. However, for as long as you know what you want and how you want your soon-to-be website to function, the planning process becomes a lot more fun.

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