9 Best Apps and Gadgets for Tidying Your Home

Cleaning and tidying up your home can sometimes be daunting, especially if you are working around a hectic schedule.


Dust and grime are always around the corner.


According to Maidsailors, “While you couldn’t completely banish household chores, you can tidy up more efficiently with the top cleaning apps and gadgets. These will help keep your home germ and dirt-free.”


1. Sortly

Before you start cleaning, you need to tidy up all your things that are scattered around your space. Once everything is cleared up, an app like Sortly will help remind you where you’ve put your stuff.


Whenever you’re putting away an item, take a photo of it, then leave a note or tag its location.


The app helps you organize your stuff from common home items to kid’s toys. What’s great about it is that it also allows you to log the worth of each item, in case you want to sell it later on.


2. Neato Robotics D7

Are you forcing yourself to vacuum once a week or daily? Well, let a robot do it for you. This device takes off dirt and grime as it moves around hard and carpeted surfaces of your home.


What’s great about it is that it also returns to its base automatically to recharge.


Neato Robotics D7 works perfectly for crowded areas, with its obstacle avoidance feature, handling crevices and corners efficiently. You can control the device via your phone or through voice command.


3. TaskRabbit

With TaskRabbit, you don’t have to do every chore on your own. This app is free for both Android and iOS users and is willing to connect you with people who are “willing” to give a hand.


Known as “Taskers,” these people will help you in a variety of household tasks from tidying up to cleaning.


What’s excellent about this app is that it’s straightforward to use. You’ll instantly see who’s available to help you out, as well as the type of feedback that they get from previous customers.


4. Welikera DustBuster Cordless

Even if you have a robot vacuum that’s working full-time around the house, you’ll still encounter mess now, and then that’s difficult to deal by hand.


That’s precisely why you need a mini-vacuum that’s rechargeable, lightweight, and solid.


Since you don’t have to handle the trailing of the wire (not to mention, the weight!) of a full-sized vacuum, it lets you clean your home more efficiently.


A device like Welikera DustBuster Cordless will let you fully charge in less than four hours, giving you 25 minutes of cleaning power. It comes with different parts and attachments tailored for a variety of cleaning tasks.


Moreover, it has a removable stainless-steel filter than improves suction. It also comes with a LED light that lets you check dark corners for hidden dirt.


5. Tody

Maintaining a clean and well-organized home isn’t easy. It requires a combination of different tasks. This app is excellent because it allows you to organize your household chores efficiently.


It lets you sort different cleaning jobs into a variety of categories, allowing you to assign a priority and frequency for each one.


Then, it tracks the data you’ve input via progress bars, prompting you what specific tasks you have to do next.


Moreover, it incorporates this information about how many individuals are responsible for a particular chore.


The only drawback about Tony is that the app isn’t available on Android devices. For Android users, you can try a similar app like Chore Checklist.


6. Fellowes Powershred 99Ci

Whenever you’re sorting paperwork, you’ll be encountering various documents, junk mail, flyers, and pamphlets that are unnecessary.


As much as you want to throw all that junk away, you’ll also be running the risk of being vulnerable to identity thieves, hackers, and even nosy neighbors.


To destroy these papers, you need a shredder.


Fellowes Powershred 99Ci is excellent because it can shred 18 sheets (including paper clips and staples,) cross-cutting the pieces in a single go.


Surprisingly, it’s even strong enough to maw credit cards and CDs.


Once its  9-gallon pull-out bin is full, a light indicator will blink, alerting you it’s time to take out the trash.


Aside from clearing away your junk, a shredder is an excellent way to go paperless. You can scan all your pertinent documents and back them up with digital copies.


Afterward, shred their paper versions so that your privacy is protected.


7. Pocket Casts

No smartphone app would do all the household chores for you. But what’s great to know is that they can give you a little bit of entertainment as you do your tasks.


Podcasts are great because you don’t have to stare at a distracting screen while doing your tasks.


Instead, it’s convenient to listen to them on a speaker when you’re doing quieter tasks, and use the headphones when vacuuming.


While there are several podcast apps in the market, Pocket Casts stand out because of its highly intuitive interface. It has features like automatic silence trimming, and variable speed controls.


8. Amazon Echo

Aside from its other excellent abilities, smart speakers like Amazon Echo can help you with your household chores.


Even if your hands are busy cleaning, it still lets you send out voice commands, allowing you to spend the right time on each task.


While you clean, Amazon Echo gives you hands-free access to your music collection, the news, weather, calendar events, audiobooks, and so on.


9. OurHome

While Tody is a great chore-management app, if you have a household with a lot of people, OurHome is a more excellent choice.


This app lets you divide household responsibilities between the people living in your home, from roommates to family members.


It ticks off tasks that are completed and reminds you of the things that need to be done.


It also has an excellent reward system that allows kids to trade points for extra money or allowance, or between roommates to compete for the highest score.  


Over to You

So, there you have it! Hopefully, you’ll use some of the items we’ve mentioned on this list. That way, you’ll be able to manage your tasks efficiently, and have more time on your hands to do anything else.


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