All-Round Visibility Systems for Cars: Main Features

In order to maximize control of the situation around the car and in order to simplify the parking process, many motorists install all-round visibility systems on their cars. Such system is a device that includes four cameras and a data processing unit that combines all the video from the cameras into a single panoramic image and simulates a top view. Thanks to this, you can see on the screen absolutely everything that is located around the car a few meters away (in real time). When using van rental orlando airport, you can check the type of cameras that are built into the car.


Differences between the “all-round view” systems from separately purchased view cameras 

For proper parking, the all-round visibility system is ideal, as it allows the driver to park his or her car without any problems. These systems are most appreciated by car owners in their business or family trips, no matter the type of the auto- it could be rental car or a personal car.

For some motorists, two cameras (front and back cameras/back and right side cameras/front and right side cameras) are enough in the system. However, it is better to have three cameras: front and side right + rear camera. In some paradoxical situations, a client of the service station could ask for even five cameras, but it is not convenient to use such a system. 

In case, you are not confident in your parking skills, when you are, for example, visiting San Francisco, here you can find useful tips for parking at this city.

Nevertheless, none of the standard “all-round viewing” systems is able to display the picture from three cameras at once: the front and two side cameras, or from two side cameras. This can only be done by an additionally purchased “circular view” system. 

It is necessary to make special podiums for placing cameras in small side mirror housings. After that, this place is painted.

Features of multifunctional all-round view systems 

The all-round view system for a car includes four cameras with specially adapted optics, an image-processing unit, a multifunction switch for setting and controlling.

The system combines images from rear and front view cameras, as well as from side cameras, which are installed in mirrors, into a single image for the most convenient parking and full control over the situation around the entire perimeter of the car. When parking starts (reverse gear is used), the system automatically turns on and displays the image from all four cameras on the screen of the head unit or other parking monitor, simulating a view of the car from above. This way you can feel more comfortable in a new car (for example, which has been just taken at the car rental office).

GAZER all-round view system

The 360 ​​° system is a multi-tasking device that performs the function of a circular view, a car Digital Video Recorder and video surveillance equipment in a parked car. This system is multi-tasking and functional. 

How does the 360 ° GAZER system work?

Four video cameras, installed in the front, rear and sides of the car and a special processing unit combine the video signal from the cameras into one general panoramic image. You can see on the screen of the monitor, what is happening outside the car in a “top plan view” in real time, without any blind spots.

The 360 ​​° system provides full control of the situation around the car and obstacles in invisible areas, significantly increasing safety while reversing, parking in tight spaces, making turnings and other maneuvers. The signal of each of the four cameras is recorded on a microSD card or USB drive in a separate channel in a cyclic mode, which allows the system to be used as a car DVR. To carry out security recording in a parked car, after turning off the engine, the system goes into standby mode and starts shooting when the shock sensor is triggered, recording clips with a duration of 2 minutes, after which it returns to standby mode.


Car parking is one of the most difficult driving elements that any novice driver has to learn. Someone can quickly learn, but other may need more than one week to navigate the dimensions of a car while parking, especially when you rent a car.

In addition, in a regular open-air parking, you can, somehow, park and drive back onto the road, but at home, for those who have a private plot, parking can be difficult. This is the reason why the all-round vision system was developed. When choosing the right system for you remember that not the number of cameras really matters, but correctly selected and skillfully mounted equipment.


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