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Android-Powered Applications: Travelers’ Must-Have List

Travel is a wonderful way to spend time. It will be even more pleasant, and the impressions will be even brighter if the trip is carefully planned, and its details are thought out in advance.

For example, you are going to Australia. Travel arrangements require a lot of preliminary steps, including the purchase of airline tickets, hotel reservations and car rental, ending with a list of sights to visit. There are many services and applications to simplify your task. As for the car, you will find a cheap option at Sydney Airport with Hertz. For solving other issues, there are many applications that can make the process of preparing for the trip effective and easy…

Goosit Backpacker Trip Planner

Goosit is a good choice for those who search for versatile and functional free application, specially designed for arranging travel with many variables, including setting budget limits.

True, it requires manual input of information, but the time and effort spent will make it possible to enjoy a well-planned trip. The application connects all the desired destinations, offering a choice of different types of transport. Goosit is better than other programs understands what you really need.

As for transport, the application supports airplanes, trains, buses, and ferries. When traveling by car, the program will calculate the mileage and estimated costs for gasoline. In addition, you can set the time and expense limits to follow your budget and plan the journey itself.

An important advantage of the application is the ability to work without connecting to the Internet, since it’s not always possible to access the network on the road.


The app’s expenses section keeps in memory all spending on the way. What’s more, the developers of Goosit use the principles of Material Design from Google, which made the application a nice-looking and convenient. After registering in the application, users will be able to synchronize and create backup copies of their travel plans.



If the above-mentioned app won’t suit you, it’s possible to use another free application called myTrip. The design of myTrip is quite simple, but very handy.

Similarly to Goosit, the application’s work is based on manual entry of travel information. However, it doesn’t connect destinations with each other. So, if you want to specify several points that you intend to visit in one day, the application will not warn you about the conflict.

The application has functions, which allow you to plan expenses in advance. Also, Cloud Service synchronizes the app between multiple devices – it can be very useful if you travel with a group.

If the upcoming trip doesn’t involve a lot of stops and shifts of transport, for example, if you go to Malta to spend a weekend enjoying a beach holiday and walking through medieval streets, then it’s better to use more simple applications.



Tripomatic is a very colorful application – picturesque landscapes and images of attractions are used for the background. All sights added to your travel list will also be presented in large photos.

Unfortunately, the price of such beauty is the slow work of the application.  Another thing that distinguishes Tripomatic from other applications is the visual representation of time. By adding the various places and activities that you plan to visit, you will clearly see how real your plans are in terms of the time at your disposal. The program takes into consideration both the duration of stay in a particular place and the time spent on movement between destinations.

Tripomatic also provides weather information and is ready to search for interesting spots. However, the application doesn’t allow manual entry of a specific location if it’s not in the service database.

Tripomatic users can also upgrade to Tripomatic Premium by purchasing additional features in the application. They include the ability to save maps for offline use, as well as the ability to synchronize the application between multiple devices.



TripIt will surely suit those who like automatic functions. With this application you can import and save all your confirmations and hotel bookings. In order to do this, you must open TripIt’s access to your mailbox or simply send any email confirmations directly to TripIt, as a result of which the program will calculate the route.

It sounds tempting, but not everything is as good as we would like. The application is better to use for planning a short journey with one destination. If you intend to visit several places, the program may create several separate trips instead of a single connected route.

In all other respects – TripIt is an excellent and fast application. The ability to automatically add information from e-mail greatly facilitates the work with the program, reducing the manual input.

The design of the application looks as if it was developed several years ago and hasn’t been updated until now. However, its simple interface provides ease of use. The application collects all information about hotel reservations, which you can edit at your discretion. A huge plus is that the application can work offline, although you need Internet for the most relevant information about flights or other data.

The free trial version of TripIt Pro works 30 days, after which the premium features are available for $49 per year. Premium account allows you to access notifications about changes in the flight schedule, search for alternative flights, scheduled cancellations or delays, and much more.



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