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Eight Things SEO Agencies Should Do For Their Clients

SEO agencies have a lot of responsibilities to deliver the best result for their client. Regardless of the details in the contract agreement, SEO agencies need to do the following for their clients:

  1. Suggest a proper SEO point of view: As professionals, SEO consultants should have ideal point of view for their strategy. They need to formulate their view on this complex issue. Most of the time, clients have simplistic or erroneous view on SEO, so it’s important for professionals to provide an alternative view that defines SEO more accurately and realistically.
  2. Alert clients of new developments: New changes continue to happen in the SEO industry. As an example, when an algorithm update happens, you need to alert clients about it. When a new search update is shown in the ranking position, then you need to tell the client as well.
  3. Be an emergency responder: As a SEO professional, you need to become the extension of the online business of your client. During a crisis, you need to allocate everything properly. As an example, a competitor may have pushed a new strategy that removes the client from the top position for some important long-tail keywords. In this situation, you may need to do a reprioritization of existing assignment.
  4. Research new keyword themes continuously: SEO is always about contextual relevance and you should know which relevance. Higher relevance will be a positive signal to the search engine. This research may also deal with various SEO issues, like content strategy, prioritization of topics and market assessment.
  5. Regularly define SEO strategy and goals: When setting growth goals, you should make sure that it’s still realistic and relevant. SEO agency needs to make sure that targets remain reasonable and strong. Planned improvement, condition of the website and performance of search need to be flexible depending on the market condition.
  6. Recommend effective content strategy: Content is king because people use the Internet mostly to get information, in form of text, image, video, interactive elements and software. If your SEO agency also delivers content for clients, it also needs to represent your strong view on specific content strategy. You need to continuously generate new ideas on content. You need to make sure that content can provide the best benefit for clients.
  7. Regular reports on performance: If you have been working closely with the client, it also means that you need to deliver monthly report. By checking performance regularly, you can measure the impact of previous strategies and recommendations. Based on the existing performance reports, you can have plans for upcoming months. Performance reports could also ensure continued progress, as long as you continue to meet activities timeline.
  8. Report technical issues: Technical issues will hamper your progress. Clients should also know about technical issues that may impact the authority and relevance of their website. As a SEO professional you should be able to clearly communicate these issues and work together with clients to find effective solutions without disrupting operations.

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