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Guaranteed Steps to Gain Higher Search Engine Ranking

It’s getting more challenging to gain higher ranking position, due to the current level of competition. Increasing your SEO ranking isn’t an easy task. SEO is much more than just adding relevant keywords to your webpages, it’s more complex than that. Despite the current level of competition, you may still emerge in the first page and get decent traffic from it. Here are things you should do:

  1. Create high quality content: You should know that what’s considered high quality content a year ago, could be considered mediocre today. If you want your content to be useful, you need to compare it with the competition. Create something that’s not yet available in your competitors’ websites and make sure that your audience is actually eager to read it.
  2. Keep loading time short: Eventually, you may add some high quality pictures, visually attractive theme, widget and other elements that can increase the loading time. Google has confirmed that loading time is one of factors in ensuring higher ranking position. Also, make sure that your server-side code is efficient, which won’t delay the rendering time of your webpage.
  3. Optimize header tags: Some website owners make the mistake of not adding relevant keywords to the tags. Header tags give your content good formatting and increase the overall user experience. Search engine bots will also read your header tags to better know about the content of specific section. By adding relevant keywords in header tags, your ranking can be boosted higher.
  4. Add more outbound links: Linkbuilding is an ongoing process. You need to continuously add quality links to make your website an authority source. It’s easier to gain more inbound links if your content is useful and relevant. By visiting your website, people can get detailed information regarding to specific topic.
  5. Publish images and videos in social media: It’s clear that social media can be the source of direct traffic. Publish your images and videos in various social media platforms, such as Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. Add your links in these social media platforms. Although these links have no-follow tags and may have zero contribution to your linkbuilding effort, if you get more direct traffic from these inbound links, Google will find out about the increasing importance of your website.
  6. Fix broken links: Broken links are not only irritating users, but they can hamper your SEO progress as well. Search engine algorithms may think that you start to neglect your website. This can happen when you remove or move some pages. Poorly maintained websites will get lower results in ranking. There are tools that examine your website for broken links. Fix them immediately.
  7. Optimize for mobile: Today, people use mobile phones more frequently for accessing quick information from the web. So, make sure that your website is well optimized for smartphones and tablets. Google will notice if your website is well optimized and improve your search ranking for mobile. There are relatively easy steps to improve your website, such as by implementing responsive design. Use Android and iOS to regularly check your website for compatibility.

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