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Modern Innovations: Here’s How to Use Them for Traveling

Traveling is the most favorite leisure option for so many people, and for somebody it’s even the meaning or way of life. This industry is developing as actively as everything else –  over the past ten years, new technologies have constantly appeared in tourism that make travel more accessible, more convenient and more diverse.

For example, now renting a car makes it possible to explore any destination on your own, and it’s very easy to organize a car exactly where you need it. Are you going to visit Dallas? DAL car rental is a great opportunity to start your journey directly from the airport. It’s very simple: you go to, fill out the search form and get a list of cars from different companies at once. This allows you to choose the best DAL car rental deal for various parameters. In the same way, you can find a car anywhere in the world.

This suggests that modern innovations in traveling make everything easier. Some of them are aimed at the convenience of tourists themselves, while others facilitate the work of tour operators and travel agencies. But all of them give new opportunities and guarantee an unforgettable travel experience.

Let’s look at some of the travel-related developments available right now.

Preparing for a trip

In this area, a lot of websites and applications have appeared that allow people to independently book hotels, airline tickets, rent cars or buses. You can find a suitable tour now in the shortest time without leaving your home – just make a couple of clicks.

  • Booking a hotel

There are sites where it’s enough to enter the date of the upcoming trip and destination, and the system itself will give the traveler data sorted by many indicators: the most profitable routes and ways of transport to get there, where you can spend the night, what sights or interesting places you can meet along the way, etc.

For example, the Nomadlist website allows you to decide on a vacation destination taking into consideration the most delicate personal requests: from weather conditions and ending with the availability of the Internet or the level of danger.

In addition to all these advantages, TripAdvisor website contains thousands of reviews of real travelers, among which you can find important information for about any hotels, restaurants, tourism services and much more.

  • Buying tickets

A large number of sites are being developed on which tickets can be purchased at the best prices. Such services as or are very successful, as they allow you to not only choose the best ticket in a short time, but also provide tips on the best way to buy airline tickets. There are many similar sources for rail and bus transport, which have discounts and loyalty programs for regular customers.

Also, you can benefit from online technologies that allow you to store all travel documents in one place. Such documents may include electronic tickets and receipts, insurance, hotel reservations, and scanned copies of other documents that may come in handy on your trip. Getting access to such electronic storages is possible from any device. An example of such a service is, where you just need to send the necessary letters to your account. Using the same category of resources, you can purchase and store tickets to theaters, museums, book tables in cafes and restaurants, etc.


Communication on a trip

The problem of the language barrier has always been the most important factor that frightens novice tourists and makes them refrain from visiting countries with an unfamiliar language.

Technology has helped solve this problem through innovation, which promises to rapidly expand the geography of tourism for many people. Designed and introduced by Google, the special Pixel Buds wireless headphones have been able to solve the problems of millions of tourists around the world. The fact is that the headphones can translate in real time between 40 different languages. Perceiving speech, they immediately give a sound signal to your ears already in that language, which is chosen by you.

At the same time, everything happens so quickly that you don’t need to waste time processing: when the interlocutor completes the phrase, it already stops ringing in the ears. The price of such a new technology is only $ 159, and in the near future its further decline is predicted.


Way of moving on a trip

Travel industry has adopted another technology that will begin its march in the near future. Many tourist sites are staggering in their scale and size. To fully appreciate them and see them in their original form, it’s often not enough to look from top. The richest visitors can afford excursions over such objects as the Cheops pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, Niagara Falls and others by plane. The rest are forced to be content with a view from the ground or enjoy photos and videos from favorable angles.

A company from New Zealand – Martin Aircraft, introduced a new technology that promises to take tourism to a new level: a jet pack that can lift a person to a height of 915 meters. This is an individual aircraft that can remain in the air for about 30 minutes, after which it will be necessary to return to the ground. But this time is more than enough to touch the top of the Egypt pyramid or enjoy the view of the Morning Glory Pool in Yellowstone. Such an aircraft was created from the very beginning especially for tourists, but not as an alternative to ground transport.


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