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TOP 7 COOL Gadgets that Make You Look COOLER

There are many cool gadgets around you! If you think that your smartphone is the whole universe, you should go and look at a bunch of cool gadgets available in the market. Do you think a good smartphone is enough to look cool? May be it is enough to stand out from the crowd in your office. But if you are going to visit a new city or country, you should think out of it. If you have a dream to go to the legendary Vegas with friends, you need something newer and more awesome! Car rental Las Vegas under 21 will give you a cool vehicle of your favorite brand and color. If you want to look really cool, you can rent a car hourly and spend time in style. The vintage cars may not be available for young drivers, but the choice of worthy cars is really big. If you have some free money, you can spend it for yourself. How about buying something cool and high technology to make you feel generous?

Man holding underwater camera (like GoPro) at the beach


  1. Action camera

Here, you can choose between two popular brands: GoPro and ViDi. That would be great to have an action camera to record everything that happens with you during the trip. What is the difference? If you don’t know, ViDi is a high grade camera with stylish design and for the affordable price. Everyone can buy it! Let’s see. You can buy GoPro for $300-400 minimum. The price for ViDi camera is about $80-100. Of course, it is usually said that low price means low quality. It’s not about ViDi. The camera is waterproof, with a stylish case, and a selfie stick. This is the best variant to get a really cool gadget for cheap.

  1. Smart clock with Google assistant

People are getting tired of smart watches. But this one is worth your special attention. This unique clock is equipped with Google assistant. That means it tells time, weather. It can charge your phone and work like an alarm clock. You can instruct your assistant to wake you up at 8 in the morning! It can make an online search for you or find the nearest restaurant for today’s dinner. The clock looks cool and stylish.

  1. Activity and sleep watch

This is one more interesting variation of a legendary smart watch. It costs about $70 but gives you more than you can get. It looks like a typical smart watch with all functions and options. Also, it monitors your activity and sleep. What is more, it is connected with the Health Mate application and gives advices concerning your health. There is one more thing. The watch works for about 15-18 month without recharging battery! It’s really impressive.

Smart Watches

  1. Translator

Why do you need a translator? Many people like traveling abroad but they don’t want to learn foreign language or may have no time for learning. If you are one of them but don’t want to travel without a new language you need a translator. That’s great if your friend is a polyglot and can help you in translating. If you don’t have such a friend, you can buy an audio device which can be used for translation from/into a new language. Oh, don’t think that it is a big awkward device that you will carry in your bag. Not at all! This is an absolutely genius invention that helps to put the translator into your ear and nobody can see it. It makes you smart!

  1. Temperature control mug

This mug is the right thing for people who can’t live without their morning coffee or tea. And they prefer to have it hot. You need a special mug with inbuilt temperature control element. It will keep your drink hot as long as you need it. By the way, the mug is done in dark noble color and looks cool in your car.

  1. Audio sunglasses

You’ve just read about the audio translator you can place into your ear. It’s time to talk about the audio sunglasses. Actually, it works like a tablet. First of all, this is a cool stylish accessory. Also, you can play music and make records. The sunglasses are connected with your smartphone and you can play your favorite track when running or lying in the sun.

Quiet dog

  1. SleepPhones

What is that? This gadget looks exactly like your headphones with the difference that you can listen to special music for good sleep and relaxation. It often happen that you can’t sleep well on a new bed, new place, in a plane. By the way, the sound is so quiet and gentle that nobody can hear it except for you.

Of course, if you can’t buy one of these gadgets now, you shouldn’t lay your trip aside. It is better to choose something from what you have and make maximum use of it. But if you have some free money, spend it for yourself and feel COOL!

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