Travel Devices Every LADY NEEDS

Whenever you go, to Cancun, Las Vegas, or New York, women have to be careful on the road. But if you are a woman it doesn’t mean that you should stay at home and forget about traveling. There are many safe cities you should consider when planning your next vacation. Nothing will stop you from exploring the world. But before, read this carefully.

All packed up



This is where your trip starts. You need a good bag or bags to keep and carry your stuff. First of all, you travel bag must be large enough to carry all your goodies and have some extra space for souvenirs. Secondly, you want always look good, even when carrying a bag! Go with a roller backpack bag if you are a solo traveler.


All women are different so that they need different rental cars. One picks the car according to her everyday needs and other tries to choose a car that suits her nail polish. When it comes to driving, car rental is always ready to help with a good car anywhere in the world. Pay attentions to Fiat 500! This is the most popular girl’s ca. Of course, the car is compact and good looking. There are more varieties of color than you’ll find in your nail salon! If you don’t like bright cars, you can try BMW 3 Series. Why not? The car is strong, powerful, and available in sedan and wagon form. Car rental opportunities are unlimited so that you can easily find what you need.


You are a girl and always try to look great. You don’t need a variety of foundation and mascaras on the go. Believe it or not, but the open air and the sun will make your skin dry and dark. You’d better take a moisturizing cosmetic which always works well.

girl after shower make-up


Personal alarm

If you like walking in a dark, you need something to protect yourself. Always take a personal alarm with you. This small gadget will make noise and indicate that you need help. Also, you can set a SOS button at your phone and push it every time someone is going to hurt you and you are in danger.


Carrying a mini flashlight doesn’t need many efforts. It can be a very useful gadget for campers and for everyone who likes walking alone at night. You can buy a brilliant combo – a personal alarm and mini flashlight 2-in-1.

Travel dictionary

Sometimes, it is very important to communicate with locals. They can show you the way, give advice on what to see in a new city, and help you in case of emergency. Of course, you can memorize some key phrases. But you can always use your e-dictionary.

Barber bathrobe bathroom - Credit to

Hair dryer and straightener

Don’t forget your hair drier. This is a smart choice for your road trip. Try to pick a small device so that it doesn’t take much space in your valise. Your hair dryer and a hair straightener can change your look and help to look different.

Decent camera

If you have a GoPro, it can be a good variant. Of course, the camera is needed for selfies, underwater and other shots to refresh your memories when the trip is over. If you are going for a long distance trip and going to shoot your every step, you’d better take a small hard drive to back up your videos and pix.

Nimb smart ring

When a woman is traveling alone, her personal safety goes first. This smart ring from Nimb is a small tracker that contains a list of emergency contacts. You have a quick access to emergency services when you feel like you are in danger. Just hold the button down for a second or two and the contacts from your list will receive information about your location. Anyway, the ring looks like a stylish accessory.

mildly convex wedding ring, inside titanium, outside white gold with 3pcs of diamonds

Fake wedding ring

If you are married or engaged and have a nice wedding ring, you’d better leave it at home. It can be very risky to wear your priceless brand jewelry while traveling. You can lose your ring or it can be a very attractive carrot for thieves. If you are not married and even not in relations but want to seal yourself off from nearby men, you can wear a fake wedding ring. Believe it or not, but you can easily leave a party or meeting because your husband is waiting for you in the hotel or restaurant.

Honestly, girls like traveling! If you are ready for a trip and can’t find a mate or a good company to share your trip with, you can go solo. Yeah, ladies don’t afraid of traveling solo. There are many interesting and useful gadgets you can take with you to feel safe and comfortable while traveling.

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