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future of coworking spaces in Islamabad

Where will Coworking be in 2020

There is always a progressive change happening in this innovative and technologically advanced world, redefining many things around us such as the essentials for the better and effective workspace. 

Co working space is an innovative solution that has transformed the workspaces into an amazing and unique experience since the work environment is where we invest the vast majority of our valuable time.

Co working space is typically characterized as a collaborative environment where the structure of an adaptable, collaborative and self-coordinated work style depends on common trust and fundamental beliefs between its co-workers. 

A Coworking space include a mutual work environment, frequently an office. It’s unlike any typical office where the whole office is under-control of a single organization, in co working space people from various professional fields and organizations can work independently or collaboratively.

Apparently, it is appealing to work-at-home, however; experts, autonomous researchers, freelancers, self-employed individuals or individuals who travel as often as possible end up working in relative isolation and in passive environment. Co working is a get-together of individuals who are yet working autonomously; however, believe in working collaboratively with others for the constructive future while avoiding the isolation.

 Co working offers an answer for the issue of disengagement that numerous individuals experience while working at home, also in the meantime giving them a chance to get away from the diversions of home.

To give you a practical overview of co working spaces around the world, here are the top cities in terms of the number of co working spaces.

Ranking Cities
1 London
2 New York
3 Toronto
4 Austin
5 Denver
6 Dallas
7 Los Angeles
8 Houston
9 Melbourne
10 Chicago


Future of Co working space

The ever developing wonder of co working space is as characteristic of the changing idea of work in terms of almost every occupation. Shared office or independent office is a model that gives individuals more command over their working lives –that is the most persuasive catch.

Today, there are almost 18,287 co working spaces around the world according to Emergent Research/GCUC. These statistics are not constant but on the contrast incrementing exponentially showing bigger promises for co working industry.

It is estimated that by 2020, the number of co working space will cross 20,000, and by 2022, the number is expected to reach 25,968.

In the future, the co working spaces are expected to be much larger than the old ones in terms of size and number of members to enhance and facilitate broader collaborative environment. 

There are many numerous trends that a co working space will bring. For example, people will stop looking for those permanent hectic jobs in organizations; however, they will prefer working independently with the clients and earn at their choice.



In this era of internet, advanced technology, AI, and big data it is not anymore about adhering to one explicit area to work. 

In today’s work environment, it is all about finding your comfort zone within the co working space while working independently at your own choice, time, liking and pace. 

In any case, the universe of work is changing quickly and so the co-working spaces should develop with it to stay applicable. If not, the growth might blemish drastically.

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