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Why Following Trends in SEO Can Waste Your Money?

SEO brings a strong impact on your business, by driving sales and revenue. However, blindly following a trend can guarantee to waste your money and time. In some cases, trends can turn out to be fruitless and frustrating, because it seems that you just pour money down the drain. When it happens, SEO will become a real waste of resources. Instead of following trends with little considerations, you should try to work around issues and cut your costs. In any business operation, budget is always an issue. If you have limited budget, your need to make sure that each dollar is spent for the biggest purpose. Trends can cause you to do unorganized spending spree and this could actually be a setback. You won’t do any meaningful thing, if you allocate funds unwisely. SEO is all about data-driven operation, so releasing any new information and publishing it will come at a cost.

Problems can made worse if your hire inexperienced SEO specialists, who may succumb to latest trends as well. When it happens, they may end producing poor results, regardless of how much money you spend. Experienced specialists will focus on essential key performance indicators or KPIs, which will contribute a lot in improving your rankings. Cheap SEO consultants will do everything they can to please C-level managers who may have limited understanding on SEO process. So, one way to protect yourself against damaging SEO trends is by understanding real KPI values.

People can follow trends blindly if they don’t manage their expectations. SEI requires time to research and implement. The problem can happen when you expect to get swift results from SEO. It may take about three months or more for search engine bots to crawl your website and put your webpage in the search result. This can happen more quickly if your website is highly popular, but if you still struggle to rank higher, it’s better to publish evergreen content, because it could start to gain traffic in a few months. Trends could also cause poor business model. When you implement SEO correctly, you can actually improve flawed business model. However, if your SEO strategy is based on unproven trends, your business model could be flawed and perform poorly.

You need to check your SEO strategy and find out whether you are actually wasting money. If you already have a pre-planned timeline for SEO strategy, you shouldn’t be swayed by new trends. It’s true that you need to be flexible to changes in the industry, but any deviation from the original strategy should be based on facts, instead of unproven assumptions. Following trends is a poor strategy, due to the amount of misinformation. Search engine algorithm is still largely a mystery, regardless of how many clues we have today. Instead of following trends blindly, you should choose long-term SEO investment instead. Business decisions have their ups and downs, so you need to use your common sense to reduce problems. Widely-accepted SEO strategy and tactic are still your best bet in gaining results.

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